The Pitches Stars Step On

There are four FIFA-compliant football fields. Gloria's football fields are often used to host the most recognized football clubs of the World. All fields feature state of the art facilities with unsurpassed technical infrastructure.

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  • 2 pitches at FIFA standards (105 m x 65 m).
  • 2 fitness areas with dimensions of 42 m x 30 m.
  • "419 Bermuda Grass"
  • Drainage and irrigation automation system at FIFA standards.
  • Tower lighting systems, 6 of which are 25 metres tall and 8 are 15 metres tall.
  • 4 cameras placed on the lighting towers, provides live broadcast at the club building reception area. 
  • 4 benches (2 on each field) each for 8 players.
  • 2 live broadcast towers, 14.54 m high with 15.6 m² usage areas.

Club House Features

  • 106 square meters lobby, available for press conferences, including a bar and service area.
  • 2 team locked rooms, each are 83 m², including entrance holl, massage area, shower/toilet, trainer room and 2 storage rooms.
  • 1 referee locker room (14.5 m²) including shower and dressing area.
  • Parking area with capacity of 13 cars and 3 busses.
  • A terrace before the building.
  • Nonslip material hard pan specially preferred to prevent falls and injuries of players.

Football Equipments

  • 4 portable goal posts at FIFA standards (2,44 m x 7,32 m).
  • 8 miniatur goal posts at FIFA standards (2 m. x 3 m).
  • 4 fixed goal posts at FIFA standards in total at each pitch.
  • Goal nets at FIFA standards.
  • 8 corner poles.
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