Gloria Hotels and Resorts stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the structure and dynamics of the tourism industry. Our Human Resources policy is one dedicated to personal development. We strive to help our employees excel personally and professionally so that they take pride in their work.

Our codes of conduct help employees perform their duties at the highest level possible. This ensures all guests of Gloria properties enjoy their stay to its fullest potential.

Gloria Hotels & Resorts Competitive Edge

Continuous Development: The employee training that starts with orientation continues with personal trainings in different areas. This way, major contributions are being made to the personaldevelopments and carriers to the employees.

Team and Organizational Communication: Periodical and regular information transfer between the employees and their managers is being ensured. A strong communication is being established in all the stages by punctual notifications about the industrial and organizational developments.

Motivation: By enhancing the organizational sharing we help to create sense of belonging in our employees. Our employees' satisfaction of their work environments is the base of our guests' satisfaction.

Constantly Rising Quality Objective: We ensure the primary objective of every employee to be the constant rise of the service quality. The selection of the employees, who will adopt this target as the Organization culture, is being handled carefully.

The Privileges in the Human Resources Policy

  • Staff planning is being done by considering the possible future needs and every candidate have equal opportunities during the recruitment process.
  • It is ensured that the employees are assigned to tasks that are suitable to their personal knowledge, education and experiences. Arrangements that will enhance the motivation and performance of the employees are being made.
  • Systems that are appropriate in order to manage the development, performance and carrier process of the employees in the best way are being established.
  • By taking employees' suggestions and expectations into account, practises, that will improve the employee commitment, are being applied.

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