2023 Summer Concerts & DJ Performances

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    Gloria Hotels & Resorts marks the summer of 2023 with unique concerts, fun events and DJ performances.

    In 2023, the address of entertainment is again G-Venture, the stylish bar and open-air party area offering quality service between Gloria Golf Resort and Gloria Serenity Resort. 

    Stars who will take the stage at G-Venture:

    Tarik Sezer Band, which was founded with the leadership of Tarik Sezer, who has been long involved in music, and consists of professional musicians - on April 21, May 17, June 14, July 5 and August 2

    David Saboy, who has graced countless performances at festivals and special events not only in Turkey and Azerbaijan but also in big cities worldwide, including New York, Zurich, Mexico City, Vienna, Mykonos, Sofia, Munich, London and Stuttgart - on April 23, June 26 and August 30.

    Famous for remixes and original songs they make in the genre of electronic dance music and house music, Slider Magnit, the duo of Russian DJ and producer which has made popular songs such as "Another Day in Paradise," "Morze," "Lonely," and "Love You" - on May 1, July 24 and October 2

    Dima Bilan, Russian singer-songwriter who has gained wide popularity in Russia in the early 2000s and has become one of the most successful pop stars of the country since then with countless hit songs and albums - on May 3

    World-famous Dj Nicola Fasano, on May 8, June 5, July 10 and September 4 

    Achieving worldwide popularity after the Eurovision song contest, Mandinga, the Romanian pop band - on May 10, June 7, August 16 and September 27.

    Having performed at the main stage of Tomarrowland, one of the most popular festivals worldwide, for six times, DJ Romeo Blanco, the young Belgian whose star started to rise after his number 1 hit record - on May 15, June 19, August 7 and September 25.

    The Menendez Brothers, the DJ duo famous for their poppin rhythm and mashup style - on May 22, July 3, August 21 and September 11

    Hermes House Band, a Dutch pop band which was founded in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1982 and has released more than 25 albums and singles - on May 24, September 6

    DJ Ravin, one of the most famous DJs performing for world's jetsetters - on May 29, June 12 and September 18

    Akcent, famous Romanian Dance Pop and House music group with countless awards - on May 31, September 13 and October 4

    Boney M, who has marked the history of music with unique songs such as Daddy Cool, Ma Baker, Belfast, Sunny and Rasputin - on June 21, July 19 and September 20  

    Having started her music career as a songwriter, written songs for popular Turkish singers such as Kenan Dogulu, Gulben Ergen and Mustafa Ceceli, and made the hit songs "Okyanus", "Canavar" and "Uzulmedin mi?", Derya Ulug - on June 28

    Having had a special bond with music since her childhood and given concerts at several clubs and events both in Turkey and abroad, Alya - on June 29

    Founded in 2008, Kadebostany, the Swiss band which has enjoyed great success with the single "Walking With A Ghost" after the release of their first album in 2011 and whose song has become a hit - on July 17

    Goran Bregovic, the Bosnia-Herzogevinan musician, composer and producer, who has combined traditional Balkan music with modern rock and pop and made unique songs that have brought him international popularity - on July 26

    Irina Dubtsova, the popular Russian singer and songwriter who started her musical career in the early 2000s, received several awards, including the Best Female Singer at MTV Russia Music Awards, and who has been highly appreciated for her ability to connect with her listeners and express deep emotions through her music - on July 12

    Swanky Tunes, the Russian electronic dance music (EDM) trio famous for their unique sound combining progressive house, electro house and big room EDM - on July 31, August 28

    Lusia Chebotina, a Ukrainian singer who joined the vocal talent competition "Voice of the Country-5", and became famous with a number of other music projects - on August 9

    Space Motion, a Bosnian DJ and producer who has taken the stage at several music festivals and events held worldwide, including EXIT Festival, Tomorrowland and Amsterdam Dance Event - on August 14

    Famous for her strong vocal and emotional performances, she represented Russia with the song "A Million Voices" in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and ranked second in 2015. Having released several successful albums and singles, including "Lullaby", "Net", "Melancholy" and "Cuckoo", Polina Gagarina - on August 23

    For detailed information on events and hotel reservations;

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