Meeting & Organization

Whether it is an international business congress, a corporate team meeting, or a wedding, we have a large range of spaces perfect for any event. With our professional team and cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, we are here to make your next event an exceptional experience.

Gloria Convention Center

Gloria Hotels & Resorts offers professional teams and solutions for your national and international congresses.

  • Convention Center - Manyas
  • Convention Center - Kırlangıç
  • Convention Center - Fuaye
  • Convention Center - Fuaye-1

Meeting Halls

Experience business and holiday at the same time with meeting halls that meet all your needs.

  • Gloria Verde Resort - Daphne
  • Gloria Serenity Resort - Faces
  • Gloria Convention Center - Manyas

Gloria Online Meeting Center

Gloria Hotels & Resorts, which is developing innovative approaches in the sector without compromising its 25 years of experience and quality in line with the measures set by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation, has the distinction of being the first online meeting centre in Antalya with the Gloria Online Meeting Centre.

  • Onlinekongremerkezi 10
  • Onlinekongremerkezi 2
  • Onlinekongremerkezi 1
  • Onlinekongremerkezi 3
  • Onlinekongremerkezi 6
  • Onlinekongremerkezi 7
  • Onlinekongremerkezi 8
  • Onlinekongremerkezi 9

Wedding & Organization

A wedding exclusively organized to celebrate one of the most special days of your life…

  • Special Event
  • Wedding Organization
  • Wedding Organization Riverside
  • Wedding Organization-1
  • Special Event at Dock
  • Special Event at Beach Dock