A unique entertainment program at Gloria

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    Gloria guests will enjoy this summer with concerts, events and DJ performances at Gloria Hotels & Resorts.

    Dj Nicola Fasano will give fun concerts on April 30, May 14-28, June 11-25, July 9-23, August 6-20 and September 3.
    With his dynamic set combining ethnic, jazz, funk styles that reflect Buddha Bar ecole, DJ Ravin will perform at Gloria on May 7-21, June 4-18, July 2-16-30, August 13-27 and September 10.
    With her strong voice, Işın Karaca will display unforgettable performances at Gloria on May 11-25 May, June 7-22, July 27, August 11-31 and September 14.
    With his most popular songs, Buray will be at G-Venture stage on May 18, June 5-29, July 13, August 12-24 and September 7.
    The award-winning pop music duo Vremya i Steklo will be on the Gloria Hotels & Resorts stage on May 1st.
    With a glamorous and fun atmosphere and dance shows, the Steamland Party is on at G-Venture on May 2nd.
    The popular representative of dance and house music, Inna is at Gloria stage with her dynamic performance on May 3, June 8, July 20 and August 3!
    Serebro, which attracts attention with their style and stage performances, will be at G-Venture stage on May 4 and June 1 with their entertaining music and magnificent dances.
    World-renowned dance pop artist Akcent will perform at Gloria Hotels & Resorts on June 15.
    Ukrainian electropop artist Maruv takes stage at Gloria Hotels & Resort on July 6 and August 10.
    Mozgi, the Ukrainian music group that call themselves ‘6 superstar men’s world of dance and music’, will be at Gloria on August 17!
    Electropop artist Maruv and DJ Faruk Sabancı will be at Gloria stage on August 30!

    For event details and booking:
    [email protected]
    +90 850 477 0 447