Experience MayFest joy at Gloria Hotels & Resorts with the stars

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    It’s that time of the year – and it’s overflowing with entertainment. The annual MayFest at Gloria Hotels & Resorts is ready this year with live performances from world-renowned artists!

    On the stage between May 1 and May 4 are:
    Filatov & Karas – among the most popular names in Deep House music, May 1st
    Vremya i Steklo - award winning pop singers, on May 2nd
    DJ Ravin, one of the most prominent DJ's of the Jet Set, on May 3rd and Diskoteka Avariya with their great performance, on May 4th!

    Come and experience the Gloria MayFest magic to the fullest!

    Please contact us for event details and reservations:
    [email protected]
    +90 850 477 0 447