Gloria Cup 2018 has ended!

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    Gloria Cup 2018 included volleyball, athletics, and basketball events, with the participation of world famous teams and athletes at the Gloria Sports Arena.

    Gloria Volleyball Cup, the first tournament of the Gloria Cup 2018, involved the participation of Women’s National Volleyball Teams from Turkey, Russia, Italy and Azerbaijan on 23rd to 25th August 2018.
    The Turkish Women’s National Volleyball Team became champion of the 3 day tournament. Russia completed the tournament in 2nd place, Azerbaijan in 3rd place, and Italy in 4th place.

    Gloria Cup Athletics, held on the 11th September 2018, included 10 events in total; Men’s Hammer Throw, Women’s High Jump, Men’s 400M Hurdles, Men’s Triple Jump, Women’s 400M Hurdles, Men’s 400M, Women’s Hammer Throw, Women’s 100M Hurdles, Women’s 200M and Men’s 200M, with the participation of 68 athletes from 21 countries.

    Gloria Cup Basketball, the last tournament of the Gloria Cup 2018, took place with the participation of teams Anadolu Efes, AS Monaco, Banvit, CSKA Moscow, TOFAŞ and Zalgiris Kaunas, between the 12th and 16th September 2018.

    Zalgiris Kaunas remained unbeaten throughout the tournament, defeating CSKA Moscow for the championship cup in the final match. Banvit completed the tournament in the 3rd place, with Anadolu Efes in 4th place, TOFAŞ in 5th place, and AS Monaco in 6th place.

    For more details on the Gloria Cup 2018, you may visit the Gloria Cup page.