Gloria MayFest 2021

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    The countdown begins for the most fun-filled time of the year! As in previous years, this year’s MayFest will feature live performances from famous names at Gloria Hotels & Resorts.

    The performers taking the G-Venture stage between May 1 and May 5 include:

    May 1st- The most popular names in Deep House, Filatov & Karas

    May 3rd- DJ Ravin, a leading figure in the world jet set

    May 4th- The magnificent Diskoteka Avariya band

    And on May 5th, award-winning pop singer Nadiya Dorofeeva will present music lovers with moments full of fun on the stage of Gloria MayFest.

    You can contact us for event details and reservations:

    [email protected]

    +90 850 477 0 447