Golf lovers met at Nuri Özaltın Memorial Golf Trophy

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    Gloria Hotels & Resorts hosted golf enthusiasts as part of the "Nuri Özaltın Memorial Golf Trophy" tournament held in memory of the late Nuri Özaltın, the founder of Özaltın Holding.

    In Nuri Özaltın Memorial Golf Trophy tournament, which was held for the second time this year, guests were offered a unique golf experience.
    180 sportsmen from 9 countries came together in the tournament held on behalf of Nuri Özaltın, who is known by his tourism investments in addition to his support to sports.

    In women's category, Christiana Neugebauer won the first place in category A, Sandra Bernt won it in category B; in men's category, Iurıı Freidinov won the first place in category A, Oleg Skavronskiy won it in category B.

    The tournament ended on the 10th of February. Gloria Handl was given the Nuri Özaltın Special Award for the best scorer, by the late Nuri Özaltın's wife Sebahat Özaltın, at the Gala dinner award ceremony held at Gloria Golf Resort.