Music And Non-Stop Entertainment Combine With Unique Delicacies At The New Year's Eve Program Of Gloria Hotels & Resorts

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    Welcoming guests from around the world and Turkey at its fantastic location surrounded by pine forests in Belek, Antalya, Gloria Hotels & Resorts will welcome the New Year with unique delicacies and surprise treats and great stage performance by Nelly White Band.

    Featuring all the natural beauties of the Mediterranean, Gloria Hotels & Resorts will entertain its guests with a unique New Year's Eve program matching the spirit of New Year. As part of New Year celebrations, Gloria Hotels & Resorts, Gloria Golf Resort and Gloria Verde Resort hotels will pamper their guests with their stylish rooms, villas where nature is combined with comfort, SPA and Thalasso centers, and the guests will enjoy a unique New Year's Eve experience with a rich New Year's Eve menu and a music feast, where Nelly White Band will take the stage.

    An unforgettable New Year's Eve with non-stop entertainment

    Preparing for welcoming the New Year with live performances and stage shows, Gloria Hotels & Resorts will offer its guests an unforgettable, cheerful New Year's Eve experience with a New Year's Eve program filled with music ranging from Jazz to Reggae and from solo performances to trio concerts. The musical journey, which will take place all day long at Gloria Verde and Gloria Golf Resort, will include unique stage shows.

    Nelly White Band will take the stage with their fascinating cover songs at Gloria Golf Resort

    The guests of Gloria Golf Resorts will welcome the New Year with music and entertaining performances. The New Year celebrations will start with the Margo Band on December 30, and continue with the concert by Nelly White Band, who are famous for their amazing covers. Apart from this great concert, the Classic Quartet and Dilek Tas Jazz Trio will take the stage for music-filled moments. All the guests enjoying the fun stage shows with Surprise Show, Belly Dance Show and New Year Party will make a great start to 2023 , which they are awaiting excitedly.

    Music rises from Gloria Verde Resort

    The fun-filled New Year program will start with the performance by Kitson Reggae at Zodiac, the favorite bar at Gloria Verde Resort, hours before the New Year. Apart from the stage shows "Surprise Show", "Belly Dance Show" and "New Year Party", Classic Trio, Andrey Lamber Lounge Trio, Dolce Band and Classical Trio will take the stage on December 31. Music and entertainment will continue at full stem on the first day of the new year. Classic Trio, Luba Jazz Trio and Margo Band will continue to entertain the guests on January 1, the first day of 2023.

    Delicacies Exclusively for New Year's Eve

    Gloria Hotels & Resorts' unique menu, designed exclusively for the New Year's Eve, will double the spirit of New Year. The New Year's Eve menu will start with almond crackers, pesto sauce, balsamic glaze and quail eggs, and continue with toasted bread topped with foie gras mousse and "Salmon & Tuna Duo" flavored with finger lime. Including 'Black Forest' to be served with artichoke puree, vegetable croquettes and milk foam with truffle, 'Duck Ravioli' flavored with Jerusalem artichoke puree and plum sauce with red wine, and 'Beef Tenderloin with Marrow' served with sautéed brown bulgur, fresh asparagus, beef sweetbread and gorgonzola sauce, the New Year's Eve menu will be crowned with the dessert called 'Saturn', which will be made exclusively for this special night. Apart from all of these delicacies, 'New Year Turkey with Chestnut', the traditional food on Christmas, will make the guests enjoy the spirit of the New Year to the full. Gloria Hotels & Resorts has also something to offer for its vegan, vegetarian or allergic guests. Gloria Hotels & Resorts will celebrate the New Year with all its guests with menus created specially upon prior notice. 

    Gloria Hotels & Resorts will offer its guests a great brunch experience on the morning of January 1, the first day of the new year, with the open buffet breakfast including unique delicacies from delicatessen foods to hot-served foods, from olive oil dishes to desserts.

    Make your reservation now to enjoy the spirit of New Year with your loved ones in the fascinating atmosphere in touch with nature at Gloria Hotels & Resorts, the place of peace, privilege and luxury, accompanied by delightful music, unique delicacies and surprise treats.


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