Gloria Online Meeting Center

Omc 23102020 Detail

Our aim with Gloria Online Meeting Centre is to create an alternative to online meetings held at home or in the office during the pandemic, with an innovative and technological perspective in line with today's conditions.

From this concept, we aim to offer exclusive and groundbreaking amenities to our guests by bringing them to the Gloria Online Meeting Center. We have equipped Gloria Congress Centre with advanced technology, top-of-the-line sound and lighting systems, and exceptional video infrastructure to deliver an outstanding experience.

Why Gloria Hotels & Resorts?

  • With 2,256,000 square metres of land, Gloria Hotels & Resorts is the largest hotel in Turkey in terms of both green and surface area.
  • With over 100 awards and certificates, it is one of the greenest, most environmentally friendly, and integrated facilities in the region.
  • We cater in the Gloria Congress Centre's 16 different halls, alongside the 22 halls located throughout Gloria Hotels & Resorts.
  • Our event spaces span across 37 distinct areas, ranging from indoor to outdoor, with various sizes from 100 m2 to 4000 m2.
  • Since the pandemic was declared, we have implemented all measures as specified by the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.
  • During check-in, we disinfect all entry procedures that involve minimal contact and luggage.
  • Rooms are disinfected twenty-four hours before the check-in day and are kept vacant until the guests arrive.
  • Group guests are allocated rooms that are close to each other and away from other guest rooms in line with the hotel's availability.
  • Rooms are disinfected twenty-four hours before the check-in day and are kept vacant until the guests arrive. Our staff disinfects guest rooms daily.
  • Meeting rooms undergo thorough cleaning and disinfection daily. Moreover, a hygiene kit specially designed for each participant is provided on the table tops.
  • A mobile disinfectant is placed in front of the meeting room doors.
  • PCR and antibody tests can be availed through our contracted health institution.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available as a set menu at a la carte restaurant that is specifically reserved for the group*.

Services marked with (*) are subject to a fee.

All of our facilities, which have Safe Tourism certificates, are taking firm steps towards becoming a reliable brand in the sector with many certificates such as Food Safety and Control Systems (ISO 22000-2005, Bureau Veritas), Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001-2015, Bureau Veritas), Security Systems (ISO 14001-2015, Bureau Veritas), Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 18001-2007, Bureau Veritas) as a result of audits carried out by independent audit institutions.

Why Gloria Online Meeting Centre?

  • To offer remote attendees a formal environment beyond their residence or workplace, attract their utmost attention by establishing a seamless and truthful ambiance in our venue. Our hall is exclusively crafted to accommodate speakers presenting on stage at the Gloria Online Meeting Centre.
  • We can host a wide range of gatherings for hundreds of people, from award ceremonies and concerts to workshops, seminars, discussion forums, and countless other events, all under one roof.
  • In addition to the live streaming software utilized on-site, we aim to simultaneously livestream on various social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


Visual Systems

Gloshine W Series LED Display for 10x4 Presentation

5 Gloshine W Series LED Display with live link images of the participants

1 Presentation Tracking screen for Server

Mctrl 4k image infrastructure

Dataton Watchout vision system

3 Camera Recording and Video shooting

100 Megabit Internet infrastructure

Mobile Reji System

Sound System

JBL Professional Sound System

Sennheiser Meeting Microphone System (Headset and Microphones)

Soundcraft SI Impact 32-Channel Digital Mixer

Professional Stage Lighting Systems (Truss-Light System)

Professional Light Control Unit

5 Expert Technical Personnel