4 Days Golf Lesson Packages

Gloria Golf Club
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Gloria Hotels & Resorts' Gloria Golf Club invites golf enthusiasts to embark on a transformative golfing journey with our specially curated 4-Day Golf Lesson Packages. Set in the picturesque landscape of Belek, Turkey, on our renowned golf courses, this immersive experience is designed to improve your skills, boost your confidence, and create lasting memories during your family holiday.

Golf Lesson Packages Options

Gloria Hotels & Resorts' Gloria Golf Club offers a range of 4-day golf tuition packages, including options for adults and juniors, beginners, and advanced players. These packages are designed to improve your golf game while creating memorable moments on the greens.

Both adults and juniors can take golf lessons according to their level of golfing skills.

For Beginners

For beginners, our 4-day golf lesson package offers both theory and practical training, including an introduction to golf, the basics of the golf swing, techniques such as putting, chipping, and swinging, the use of golf clubs, and playing on a golf course.

For Advanced Golfers

For advanced golfers, our 4-day golf lesson package offers both theory and practical training, including full golf swing video analysis, short game clinic, trouble shots, golf course management, and an overall training programme.

Customizable Trainings

Each 4-day golf lesson package of ours offers a customised training programme that focuses on specific aspects of your golf game.

Whether you're looking to perfect your swing, improve your short game, or master course management, our instructors will provide structured lessons tailored to your goals and skill level.

Enrichen Your Entertainment at Gloria Hotels & Resorts

Mastering your golf game will not only improve your performance on the course but also enrich your enjoyment of your stay at Gloria Hotels & Resorts. As you progress through your 4-day golf lesson package, you'll find yourself approaching each round with newfound confidence and a deeper appreciation for the game.