Gloria Canoeing Cup 2019 finishes

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    The Gloria Canoeing Cup, the first international organization in Turkey for canoeing, was held for the second time at Gloria Hotels & Resorts.
    The Gloria Canoeing Cup Canoe Races, which is in the International Canoe Federation's (ICF) 2019 event program, took place on March 16, on the Acısu River. The Acısu separates Gloria Hotels & Resorts from the sea.
    Turkey participated in the Canoeing Cup with 22 athletes, while 138 athletes came from 10 other nations, including Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Great Britain, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Estonia and Denmark. In total, 160 athletes took part in the Canoeing Cup.
    The Gloria Canoeing Cup 5000-Meter Standing Water Canoe Race was held in the C1-K1 boat class in the Adult Women-Men, U23 Women-Men and Star Women-Men categories.

    The contestants rowed a total of five thousand meters in the area between the bridge of Gloria Golf Resort, adjacent to the Acısu River, and the bridge of Gloria Serenity Resort, the starting and the ending point of the races.
    In the Adult Women C1 category, Klimava Volha from Belarus won first place. Nazdrova Alene, also from Belarus, won second place, and Liudmyla Luzan from Ukraine won third place. In the K1 category, Milica Starovic from Serbia won first place, Kristina Bedecks, also from Serbia, placed second. and Mariya Povkh from Ukraine placed third. In the Adult Men C1 category, Yurii Vandiuk from Ukraine won first place, Maksim Kyrisko from Belarus won second place, and Vitalii Verheles from Ukraine won third place. In the K1 category, Aleh Yurenia from Belarus placed first, Ervin Holbert from Serbia won second place and Ilya Kolenhov won third place.

    The awards were presented to competitors by Haluk Şimşek, the Governor of Serik, Alper Cavit Kabakçı, President of the Turkey Canoe Federation, and Antalya Province Sports Director Associate Professor, Burhanettin Hacıcaferoğlu, as well as Gloria Hotels & Resorts Sales and Marketing Coordinator Şahin Senai, Gloria Sports Arena Executive Vice President and Sports Director Görkem Dönmez, Gloria Serenity Resort General Manager Fethi İz, Gloria Golf Resort General Manager Sinan Aybattı and the team coaches of the participating countries.