Our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and employees

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    Dear Guests and Partners,

    Like the rest of the world, we are closely following news and updates related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of our guests, as well as our employees, is of utmost importance to us.

    We have been communicating with national and international authorities since the beginning of the process, and our Ministry of Health is managing procedures with great care and precision. We act in accordance with the responsibility of hosting thousands of guests every day, and we fulfil all our duties. Thus far there have been no confirmed cases, sick guests or staff in our hotels.

    We take all the necessary measures to ensure that your stay in Gloria Hotels & Resorts is of the maximum possible comfort and security. In this regard, we have raised our standards of cleanliness and hygiene to an even higher level.

    We are giving special attention to the following areas
    We apply the fine spray method (ULV), using disinfectants that have been approved by the Ministry of Health, have been proven effective on viruses and bacteria, and are not harmful to human health. In this way, an aerosol fog in our guest rooms and all common areas ensures the destruction of microorganisms and viruses suspended in the air and clinging to the surfaces.

    A special Quality Department is constantly working in the Gloria Hotels & Resorts hotel chain: the main task of this Department is to control the quality of all services provided in the Hotel, including food, sanitary standards, personal hygiene rules and other measures. This Department’s staff take daily samples of products provided in restaurants for sanitary analysis. In the same way, daily water samples are taken from the pool and other tests are conducted throughout the hotels. Thanks to our ongoing monitoring and high testing rates, the Gloria Hotels & Resorts hotel chain was awarded numerous awards and certificates in the field of Food Safety and Control Systems (ISO 22000-2005, Bureau Veritas), Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001-2015, Bureau Veritas), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001-2015, Bureau Veritas), Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 18001-2007, Bureau Veritas), and others.

    The Quality Department of the Gloria Hotels & Resorts hotel chain regularly conducts trainings for employees to provide comprehensive information about infectious diseases and preventive measures.

    The Hotel has increased the number of alcohol-based hand sanitizers for employees. In addition, we pay special attention to observing the principles of personal hygiene of employees and providing complete information to personnel on compliance with the rules of general and personal hygiene, as a whole.

    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, along with information about the need for frequent use, are placed in the guest rooms.

    Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also placed at the entrance to restaurants and in all public restrooms of the Hotel; the availability of these sanitizers is regularly checked and replenished as necessary.

    Guests complete a mini-questionnaire about whether they have been in countries with an unfavourable epidemiological situation within the past 14 days.

    In public areas and guest toilets, the air is disinfected with ozonisers.

    The Housekeeping Department, which cleans and ensures the cleanliness of rooms and public areas, systematically carries out additional processing of public places, paying special attention to the lobby, restaurants, bars, spas, fitness centres, and public restrooms of the hotels. As well, we have instituted enhanced processing with strong disinfectants of elevator buttons, door handles, stair railings, the reception and guest services desks and equipment, and the televisions and telephones in rooms.

    All surfaces and toys in mini-clubs are cleaned and disinfected daily. Ozonisers are installed in the toilets of the Kids Club, purifying the air with automatic dosing with a capacity of 500 ppm. At the end of the day, the disinfection of all areas of the mini-club is provided by a more powerful ozone device, the capacity of which is 1000 ppm.

    At Gloria Hotels & Resorts, we provide a doctor and/or nurse to offer medical care and advice upon request.

    We believe that during such turbulent times, all our guests and partners need expanded support and the provision of comprehensive information about additional measures being taken to ensure the comfort and healthy relaxation of our valued guests. Regardless of whether you plan to spend your holidays in Gloria in the near future, or come to visit us in the future, our friendly team is always ready to welcome you with the warm hospitality that you are accustomed to, and for which Gloria Hotels & Resorts has always been famous.

    We hope that the new type of the coronavirus is under control as soon as possible globally, and we sincerely believe that we will overcome this problem together. On this occasion, we wish all our guests safe, healthy and good accommodation.