• Abhyanga Massage

      Applied with Ayurvedic oils, this traditional massage activates energy channels, blood circulation and energy flow, while strengthening the immune system and removing toxins.

    • Traditional Balinese Massage

      With medium-strength strokes that reach the muscular layers, this pressure massage helps balance and enhance the body's energy centres. In addition, reflexology techniques regulate blood circulation, providing total relaxation.

    • Gloria Vitality Massage

      Acting on the surface layers of the muscles to regulate mental and physical health, the hands, forearms and elbows are massaged, along with active and passive joint movements. The benefits of the Gloria Vitality massage include boosted blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, reduction of stress and muscle tension, and an improved range of joint motion.

    • Golf Massage

      This specialized sports massage relieves fatigue and muscle tension, accelerates blood circulation, regulates the lymphatic system, increases flexibility and alleviates muscle aches. Suitable pre- or post-golf.

    • Lomi Lomi Massage

      Originating in Hawaii, the Lomi-Lomi massage features rhythmic movements applied by the therapist using arms and elbows in a dance-like sequence. These long, fluid movements relax the joints, release the soul and offer deep relaxation.

    • Candle Massage

      A beautiful gift to yourself, this soul-warming massage features the use of the melted wax of natural fragrant candles as both a massage oil and a moisturiser.

    • Shiatsu Massage

      In this traditional Japanese treatment, the therapist applies pressure to the body’s pulse points and energy centres, promoting balance and harmony.