Wedding & Organization

Wedding Ghr

Your most special day will be crowned with the happiness of an exclusive presentation, the beauty of Belek’s natural setting, and the professionalism of the Gloria Hotels & Resorts team.

*Please check options/alternatives for our honeymoon packages.

Dear Bride and Groom,

As the Gloria Hotels & Resorts team, we wish you all the happiness and much more as you embark on your new adventure together.

We can offer you a special and unique experience to make your wedding even more memorable.

Gloria Hotels & Resorts is the perfect location for luxurious and sophisticated weddings, whether you prefer modern or traditional styles. Our experienced catering team and dynamic service staff are at your service. We pay attention to every aspect of your occasion, providing our distinct service through a dedicated work ethic.

Just say "Yes" and allow Gloria Hotels & Resorts to handle every detail.

We value your trust and are excited to cater to your unique occasions.

Special Organizations

We offer event venues combined with a great all-inclusive holiday experience.

Your special events – whether professional or personal – organised according to your specifications. At Gloria Hotels & Resorts, our event venues exceed expectations, thanks to our professional team.

You will discover even more than you can imagine at Gloria Hotels & Resorts: a magnificent Mediterranean view, fine international cuisine, and exclusive, privileged services.