• Deep Asian Massage

      This massage treatment delivers a deeper and more powerful effect, with elbow touches added to the Traditional Balinese Massage techniques.

    • Golf Massage

      This specialized sports massage relieves fatigue and muscle tension, accelerates blood circulation, regulates the lymphatic system, increases flexibility and alleviates muscle aches. Suitable pre- or post-golf.

    • Kahuna Massage

      Based on the holistic healing tradition of the Lomi massage, this treatment includes techniques combining the use of the palms, arms, elbows and fingers. Corrects balance with an elaborate program, relaxes muscles and collects all your tensions in a healing spot. Each pressure tightly and deeply applied to the body supports blood flow by reducing muscle tension.

    • Personalized Massage

      After a detailed consultation, your therapist will recommend the most appropriate combination of techniques in line with your needs and preferences.

    • Candle Massage

      A beautiful gift to yourself, this soul-warming massage features the use of the melted wax of natural fragrant Monoi or Chocolate candles as both a massage oil and a moisturiser. Ideal for providing elasticity and protecting skin against climate conditions.