• Facial Care

      Eye Care
      Anti-aging effective eye contour care reduces the appearance of wrinkles, tightens the skin, and treats swelling and bruises in the delicate eye area.

      Special Care for Sensitive Skin
      Soothing, calming care is required for delicate or sun sensitive skin. Our Sensitive Skin treatments strengthen the capillary walls with active extracts, restores moisture and reduces the appearance of redness or blemishes. Suitable for skin that has suffered from excessive exposure to sun. 

      Moisturizing & Firming Care
      This institutional treatment enhances skin moisture and density. Recommended for firming and continuous moisturizing.

      Anti-Aging Renewal Care
      Maintenance of cells’ "self-cleaning" mechanisms and the regulation of biological rejuvenation gives the skin instant gloss and a youthful appearance.

    • Body Care

      Detox Lymph Drainage Treatments
      A comprehensive treatment applied with marine algae and supported by special massage techniques to exfoliate and reduce water retention. 

      Slimming & Firming Care
      Renew yourself with thermal touches, micro-turns and treatments performed with state-of-the-art products and techniques. Designed to reduce cellulite in the hips and promote a firmer body.

      Lifting Skin Care
      This luxurious and refreshing treatment for mature skins affects wrinkles and lines around the eyes, neck and lips, reducing the signs of aging. This treatment changes the appearance of skin with the use of anti-aging massage techniques and products.

      Body Peels
      Smooth, soft skin and a relaxed body...this treatment offers a perfect feeling of cleansing with a full-body peel. Relaxes your body, promotes blood circulation, and soothes and softens the skin.  

      Algae Treatments
      Natural sea algae massage applied with special algae; revitalizes, reduces toxins and promotes weight loss.   

    • Ameson Care

      Utilising products from the high-tech Mesotherapy series, these treatments offer a wide range of professional solutions for targeted and personalized skin and body care. Treatments provide maximum safety and efficiency in anti-aging, renewal, stain, weight loss and cellulite treatments.

    • Caci Care

      CACI Body Care
      Accelerates blood circulation and helps burn fat; tightens and animates tissues. This treatment is also an important cure for cellulite treatment, and helps prevent redistribution of problem areas by shaping the body.

      CACI Facials
      Both the face and neck are targeted using a painless microcurrent. The patented flow of the CACI application helps sagging tissues gain health while relaxing contracted areas. This process is called physical therapy and feels like a gentle massage using cotton swabs.

      CACI Anti-Aging Treatments
      Applied with the serum and CACI program most suitable for your skin. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck; allows skin elasticity to regenerate and renews the cells while intensively moisturizing. Tightens the bond tissues.

    • Salon Treatments

      Classical Manicure & Pedicure
      These classic manicure and pedicure treatments feature nail shaping and cleaning, plus a moisturising massage.

      Prestige Manicure
      In addition to the classic manicure, this treatment features a peel, a mask, a revitalizing serum and a hand massage. The SPA manicure gives the skin the moisture it needs and leaves your hands feeling silky soft.

      Prestige Pedicure
      This delightful treatment features a peel, along with a refreshing mask, a revitalizing serum and a hand massage, providing your skin with much-needed moisture and leaving your feet silky soft.