Gloria Hotels & Resorts;

  • Respects environment.
  • Contains different plant and animal species and protect them.
  • Protects the Caretta Caretta Turtles whose habitat and breeding site hosts its facility.
  • Provides natural habitat for the fishes in the lake that is in the Gloria Golf Club.
  • Saves water and electricity by using drip irrigation for the golf courses and gardens.
  • Offers practices to decrease the usage of towels in the beaches and the rooms.
  • Prefers ozone disinfection instead of environmentally hazardous chlorine based chemicals.
  • Uses energy efficient bulbs and LED lightning systems.
  • Keeps 2 fire trucks available within its facility against the risk of a forest fire.
  • Organizes activities to familiarise children with nature and enhance environmental consciousness, through Gogi Kids Club.