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Operating with the vision of becoming a brand being longed for, preferred, ever-remembered, and recommended, Gloria Hotels & Resorts has taken offering its guests a completely different world making them feel special during their ultra all-inclusive Belek holiday, with a rich service understanding and innovative approaches, which appeal to different tastes and expectations, as a mission.

Gloria Hotels & Resorts attaches great importance to quality practices and makes all efforts required to render its premium quality, innovative structure, stakeholder satisfaction, and environmental and social added value sustainable. We preserve the magnificent nature of Belek while offering you the perfect family holiday.

We, as Gloria Hotels & Resorts, are committed to;

  • Fulfill our responsibilities towards our stakeholders, environment and society through sustainable growth,
  • Fulfill our social responsibility towards protection of nature and to raise awareness of our employees in this respect,
  • Support social projects, which will contribute to our national values, local development and survival of our cultural richness,
  • Prioritize activities that will promote organizational and social development,
  • Act in accordance with the aspects associated with corporate social responsibility, such as vision of the company, educational support activities, practices to improve culture and arts, environmental awareness and protection of the environment,
  • Preserve our rich cultural and artistic background and contribute to the projects intended to support development of our country,
  • Fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities towards society in harmonious cooperation with our employees, public, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders,
  • Encourage our employees to volunteer for relevant social and community activities that they will be involved in with a sense of social responsibility.
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With our rapid adaptation capability derived from our experience, we always aim to be ahead through rapid actions in every respect. We improve all of our activities through a sustainability standpoint and grow with the intention of creating social, environmental, and economic value. With the awareness that we are just a visitor in this world, we attach importance to the present and the future of the environment while welcoming our guests and combining high comfort and quality. For a positive impact on humanity and the planet, we follow sustainability issues in three key fields and strive to improve them.

We, as Gloria Hotels & Resorts, believe that the future of the world and the future of hospitality are interconnected.

Since the very first day of our foundation, we have been striving to build this future in the best manner possible.

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Environmental Sustainability

It is our responsibility to preserve the ecosystem, bio-diversity, cultural values and local producers in the environment where we operate. Apart from energy efficiency management in our facilities, reduction of individual eco-footprint is the common goal and responsibility of all our employees.

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Economic Sustainability

We aim to ensure that our enterprise achieves sustainable and profitable growth. We, as Gloria Hotels & Resorts, show a customer satisfaction-oriented service approach. In addition, the economic management we implement is what makes us successful not only in terms of guest satisfaction but also in terms of economic outputs.

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Social Sustainability

We are aware that our employees are those through which we reach the guests we host at Gloria Hotels & Resort and our employees are the heart of our business. We therefore strive to increase the professional and personal development of our employees and provide a caring and safe workplace


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