• Facial Care

      Rejuvenation and Recovery Treatments
      Treatments that nourish, moisturize and tighten the skin to reduce the effects of aging and achieve a healthier skin.

      Eye Contour Care
      Eye Contour Care specially prepared for the delicate eye area; helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles around the eye, and relieve under-eye swelling.

      Sensitive Skin Care
      Special care for extremely sensitive skin, or skin prone to redness...
      You will feel your skin tissues strengthen and smooth.

      Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
      These preventative treatments help reduce the appearance of  sagging, wrinkles and staining, as well as loss of elasticity. Promotes a more youthful appearance.

      Anti-Aging Care
      Reduces the effects of aging and brightens tired skin to defy time. The best solution for healthy, youthful skin.

      Intense Moisture Care
      This treatment helps moisturize skin impacted by hormonal or seasonal effects. You will notice a new glow immediately.

    • Body Care

      Detox Lymph Drainage Treatments
      A comprehensive treatment applied with marine algae and supported by special massage techniques to exfoliate and reduce water retention. 

      Slimming and Anti Cellulite Treatments
      These treatments stimulate collagen synthesis, promoting the reduction of fat production to make your skin tighter and healthier.

      Slimming and Firming Care
      An advanced technology treatment applied with thermal touches and micro-turns to reduce cellulite in your hips and tighten your body.

      Algae Treatments
      Natural sea algae massage applied with special algae to promote revitalisation, detoxification and weight loss.

    • Salon Treatments

      Spa Manicure
      In addition to the classic manicure, this treatment features a peel, a mask, a revitalizing serum and a hand massage. The SPA manicure gives the skin the moisture it needs and leaves your hands feeling silky soft.

      Spa Pedicure
      This delightful treatment features a sea peel, along with a refreshing gel mask – leaving you with beautiful, smooth feet.