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We maintain our environmental practices in accordance with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard. Thus, we protect the magnificent nature of Belek, Antalya.

Energy Management

One of the most important steps in sustainability is to ensure energy efficiency. With the efforts to reduce consumption of natural resources, the extent of achievement of goals is monitored on a daily, monthly, and annual basis, the increases/decreases in power, water, natural gas, and LPG consumption are established, and required adjustments are made.

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  • We, as Gloria Hotels & Resorts, are aware of the negative impacts of the rapid depletion of energy resources and the damage caused by fossil fuels to the environment. Deterioration of nature is also a major disruption to a wonderful Belek holiday. That's why we keep realizing projects to utilize renewable energy sources.
  • Our guests are informed about our environmentally friendly practices and they are asked to support.
  • A central air conditioning system is utilized in all our facilities.
  • Electronic key cards, which cut the power as long as you are not in the room, are used in our rooms.
  • All rooms are equipped with the systems to deactivate the heating/cooling equipment if the door of the balcony is opened.
  • A Class mini bar fridges and TVs with low consumption are used in our rooms.
  • Many areas within the facility have been designed in a manner to maximize the daylight and minimize energy consumption.
  • The exterior lighting of the facility is controlled by timers.
  • Energy-efficient lighting equipment or LED lighting is used instead of incandescent lamps or mercury-vapor lamps to save energy and minimize the amount of hazardous waste in all the rooms and common spaces across our hotels. We create a luxurious Belek holiday by protecting the environment.
  • There are sensors for lighting in common spaces, restrooms, corridors, workspaces, and on the ground floors, which receive less light. In this way, unnecessary use of lighting is prevented.
  • The door gaskets and seals of cold units, freezers, ice machines, and ovens are subject to routine controls, and the worn ones are replaced; maintenance and cleaning of electrical appliances at certain intervals ensure minimization of potential energy losses.
  • Low energy-consuming equipment and systems are preferred.
  • Hot water generation is supported by solar panels.
  • Employees receive continuous training on energy saving.

Water Management

We utilize all kinds of equipment to minimize overall water consumption and save water without compromising on health, hygiene, and guests' satisfaction, and we make an "Environmental Friendly Card" available in the guest rooms for water saving and provide our employees with the related training.

  • The faucets and shower heads are equipped with water flow limiting equipment.
  • Water-saving and/or dual siphon system is/are employed at the restrooms.
  • Photocell faucets and urinals equipped with sensors are used in the restrooms located in common spaces.
  • The dripping method is used for irrigation systems in our facilities with large green areas.
  • Automatic irrigation systems, which detect weather conditions, are used in our golf courses.
  • Local flora or plants adapted to the flora are used, and water consumption is reduced in our landscaping.
  • The use of water and pesticides is reduced by the utilization of drought- and disease-resistant grass species.
  • The towels and bed linen are changed upon guest request, and the guests are informed in this respect. In case of no guest request, the towels and bed linen are changed every two days.
  • Our employees receive training on how to detect and prevent water leakage that may occur in the bathrooms of the rooms, and we expect our guests to report such leaks to us.
  • For the disinfection of fruits and vegetables, we prefer disinfection through ozone rather than chlorine, which is harmful to nature.
  • The cleanliness of our seawater is important to us. We are a member of the association “Deniz Temiz Turmepa” and support marine sustainability through the donations we make. In accordance with the “Blue Flag” award we have received

Cleanliness of seawater

Attaching importance to environmental management,

Carrying out activities to raise environmental awareness,

Providing the equipment and security to meet the needs of the beach users.

we guarantee.

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Chemical Management

Chemicals are the substances we use in many areas of our lives, which can make our lives easier but also cause negative consequences by their harmful effects. Damages to the environment can be minimized not only by use of environment-friendly cleaning products but also by use of such products economically and by proper adjustment of the dosage.

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  • It is our priority that all the chemicals we use are approved, labeled and packed in appropriate packages, and that MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of these chemicals are available at us.
  • Our employees receive training on how to use chemicals, the details in material safety data sheets, the amount and methods of use, personal protective equipment requirements and precautions to be taken in case of spillage.
  • Environmentally friendly and biological cleaning materials are used as much as possible.
  • Environmentally friendly chemical alternatives, which ensure hygiene with less chemical, have also been started to be used in our laundry. It is aimed to reduce the amount of water used in rinsing, power consumption and the amount of chemicals released to environment with the use of such chemicals.
  • The actions required for leakage, spilling, etc. have been taken in our chemical stores. Chemical storage is in accordance with the type of chemical, storage instruction of the manufacturer and regulations.
  • For safe disposal of chemicals, we work with the relevant companies and monitor chemical wastes.
  • For proper hygiene practice in our pools, automatic dosing systems enabling minimum chemical use are utilized.
  • The ponds within our facilities are cleaned with natural bacteria.
  • It is guaranteed that the products used by the company offering outsourcing pest control services are not harmful to human health and the environment. We strive to utilize natural solutions (fly catcher, adhesive paper, etc.) as much as possible.
  • We provide our employees with trainings on the measures to be taken in case of hazardous chemical spillage.

Waste Management

  • With our waste management system, we primarily aim reduction of the waste amount, ensuring waste disposal without harming the environment and recovery of the recyclable ones.
  • With the help of our employees and guests, we sort the wastes as paper, plastic, metal and glass, and recycle such wastes for production. We monitor the wastes until the recycling/disposal stage.
  • For reduction of plastic use, disposable plastic picnic products have been replaced with cast products in all areas possible. Efforts to reduce plastic water and soda bottles have been initiated, and glass bottles have been started to be used at several presentation points.
  • Depending on the choice of presentation, paper/bamboo straws have been started to be used to reduce the plastic straw waste.
  • The plastic containers used for presentation have been replaced with cardboard containers in our beach area.
  • Only FSC certified paper is preferred.
  • Photocopiers have been started to be used with password in order to reduce paper consumption. Our employees are informed about avoiding printouts unless they have to, and using both sides of the paper.
  • The zero waste project aims to prevent waste, reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce environmental risks and ensure that employees have a "sensitive consumer" attitude as it contributes to development of environmental protection awareness within the organization.
  • Waste vegetable oil used in kitchen is delivered to recycling companies authorized for biodiesel fuel production.
  • With the increased number of battery boxes within our facilities, it is ensured that our employees and guests contribute to the disposal of hazardous wastes without these mixing into the environment.
  • In order to ensure that all hazardous wastes, generated at our facility, are disposed of without any damage to the environment, all hazardous wastes generated within our departments are collected and labeled at temporary hazardous waste collection sites under appropriate conditions, and such wastes are delivered to the licensed companies for disposal or utilization in accordance with the applicable laws.

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