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We take into account the needs of all our team members and support their personal and professional development

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  • We support the local environment and respect the community of Belek.
  • We make efforts to prefer natural and local food products.
  • We offer job opportunities to our young people with Down syndrome.
  • Every year, it is ensured that numerous students receive training in the conference hall and in the area allocated for hotel management practices, which was built by the School of Tourism and Hotel Management of Akdeniz University.
  • Support projects are carried out for the protection of Caretta-Caretta.
  • Support projects are carried out for the protection of sea daffodils.
  • Efforts are made for afforestation of bare areas in the city center of Belek.
  • There are cat houses at certain points within our facility, and the cats are provided with care and vaccinated.
  • The remaining food and bread are not wasted, and these are used to help feeding of the animals.
  • Trees are grown in the "Gloria Memorial Forest" on behalf of the guests.
  • Damaged plants within the facility are cured in "Gloria Plant Hospital" and reused.
  • A fully equipped fire truck is available against the risk of forest fire. It helps the entire region when necessary.

Communication With Our Guests

The services offered within Gloria Hotels & Resorts are based on the principle of “Guest Orientation”. As part of continuous improvement, guest survey forms are used for feedback from our guests about the quality of the services we offer, to exceed the expectations of the guests.

  • Our focus lies on ensuring customer satisfaction through our innovative practices. Despite our guest complaint management, failures are inevitable due to the simultaneous production and consumption in the service industry. However, we acknowledge that effectively compensating for service failures requires awareness of existing complaints, the development of processes that provide prompt solutions based on fairness, and informing both employees and clients about said processes, as well as their efficient implementation.
  • Our guests can report their complaints during their accommodation at the hotel or after they leave the hotel. All reported complaints are communicated to our CRM department, and the guests’ complaints are solved as soon as possible
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Communication With Our Stakeholders

We, as Gloria Hotels & Resorts, believe in growing and developing together, and encourage all of our business partners and stakeholders to adopt this belief and improve our cooperation.

Our Employees

One-on-one interviews and group meetings, trainings and workshops, performance evaluation and career development meetings, activity reports and surveys

Our Guests

Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Request Forms, Contact Forms, Social Media


Purchase contracts, Supplier audits, Performance Evaluation System, Meetings, Negotiations

Local Population

Social Projects, information requests (when required), activity reports, meetings, complaint system

Public Institutions

Meetings, information requests (when required), activity report

Sectoral Groups

Meetings, Seminars

Universities and Academicians

Intern Programs, conference-meeting participation, scholarships


Interviews, launching meeting, press releases